The Somerset Police Department announces app for public,

enabling crime tips and alerts from smartphones


Somerset PD is proud to announce the launch of our new police app, called MyPD, which has up to 40 features and a sleek user interface.

The app is available now to the public. Citizens can download it by searching the iPhone or Android app stores for MyPD or My Police Department.  Some features include information for victims, traffic updates, missing children, and similar resources. The app is easy to use with icons which are easy to browse from the main screen or slide up menu.

“The Public can get updates from the Police Department as push notifications”, says Chief McNeil. “We can send the notifications through Twitter or our dashboard and the user doesn’t need an account
or to worry about missing an important tweet.  We encourage users to opt in to messages if they want to be informed quickly of updates.”

Sending in tips about crimes or other quality of life issues is another way citizens can use the Somerset Police MyPD app.  It allows the user to either attach their contact information or send it anonymously.  Photos and GPS locations of incidents can also be attached from either the phones gallery or live camera.  While the app links to or integrates with some social media, it is not another social network.

There are also no ads on the app and no account is necessary to use MyPD.  “We have been using social media like Facebook and Twitter for some time now.”, states Chief McNeil, “The MyPD app is not meant to replace those or be another social network for people to join.  It is a resource for the public and a tool for your smartphone. When a user wants to send a crime tip, or to research something, they can easily do so by just clicking the app icon.”

While the app itself is not a social media platform, it does have some social aspects to it and has a unique feature where users can “unlock” badges.  “Basically the app user can climb in rank and unlock new badges the more often they use the app”, McNeil states.  “It goes beyond just your typical government sort of app and that’s what we wanted to provide to the public.”

The app also lets users share some basic anonymous data about their age, gender, or how they found out about the app.  This is optional and if shared will help the Department to better understand who is using the app, how they found it and if they live or work in the Town.  MyPD is free for the public, contains no advertising, and users do not need to share personal information or set up an account to use the app.  Any information sharing is optional.  Citizens looking to connect with the Somerset Police Department should search for “MyPD” in their app store.  Once the app is downloaded and the agency chosen it will always open to the Somerset Police Department and its resources.  For additional information about the My Police Department app users can visit: or the Somerset PD Facebook page.