Somerset TRIAD LogoThe Somerset TRIAD is a cooperative among Somerset Public Safety (Police and Fire Departments), Senior Services (Council on Aging) and the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office.  The mission of The Somerset TRIAD is to enhance the lives of senior citizens by reducing the criminal victimization of the elderly, addressing public safety issues affecting the older citizens, and devising methods of expediting services to these persons.

Somerset TRIAD is empowering seniors to find solutions to their needs through self-designed programs and activities, or by utilizing other resources such as community support, outside agencies, private businesses and independent organizations to achieve their goals.

The agreement establishing the Somerset TRIAD was formally signed by the Somerset Board of Selectmen and Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson on July 12, 2006.  The Somerset TRIAD program is currently administrated by Somerset Police Sgt. Todd Costa.

The Somerset TRIAD operates through the efforts of its S.A.L.T. (Seniors And Law Enforcement Together) Council which is a voting member board that consists of 10-15 persons and is the advisory group that carries out TRIAD activities. S.A.L.T. Council volunteers include the members of the Somerset Police and Fire Departments, Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, and Somerset Council on Aging in addition to senior citizens, community leaders, and other individuals and agencies interested in the welfare of seniors.

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