Somerset Camera Registry

The Somerset Police Department is asking for the public’s help in combating crime. The residents and business owners of Somerset now have the ability to be a part of the Somerset Camera Registry Program (SCRP). The SCRP allows residents and business owners to voluntarily input their video surveillance systems into the SCRP database. The information entered into this database will enable police officers to work with public to collect potential video evidence through either contacting the owner of the video themselves and/or traveling to the business or residence to view the footage.  It is important to note we will NOT have direct access to your surveillance systems, but would simply request your help with video if needed.

We greatly appreciate any and all help that may be volunteered by our residents and business owners. In this age of rapidly evolving technology, we should all partner together to make use of the available tech to keep our own streets and homes safe and secure. Making use of the resources many of you already maintain for yourselves will help us in advancing our mission to make the Town of Somerset as secure as possible.

If you wish to volunteer your video surveillance location for use in the SCRP database, please read the terms of use/disclaimer below prior to completing the form below. Please note: this information is kept confidential and will be available to the Somerset Police Department only.





The registration of your video surveillance system is completely voluntary and comes at no cost to do so. Registration DOES NOT provide the Somerset Police Department with direct access to your surveillance system. It will allow police officers to contact the owner of the video themselves and/or travel to the business or residence to view the footage ONLY. An individual’s registration information will be kept confidential by the Somerset Police Department unless subject to disclosure by court order.
Surveillance system owners will only be contacted by the Somerset Police Department in the event that there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of their security camera. In such event, police personnel may request a copy of any footage captured by the individual’s camera that may assist in the investigation of a crime.
A thank you goes to SPD Intern Shannon Beloin for her work in beginning this program.