“What’s Your Number?”

In 2007, the Somerset Police Department and the Somerset TRIAD kicked off the “What’s Your Number” program.  The program is aimed at decreasing emergency response time by distributing reflective house number signs to seniors.  The signs are to be posted roadside or near the front entrance of a home, making them easily viewed by police, fire, and E.M.S. workers, thereby saving precious seconds should a resident be stricken by illness or injury.

The “What’s Your Number” program is yet another initiative of the Somerset TRIAD; an agreement between the Somerset Police and Fire Departments, The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office and the Somerset Council on Aging.  The mission of TRIAD is to work together in creating programs beneficial to enhancing the quality of life and safety of Somerset’s senior residents.

Although the “What’s Your Number” program targets the senior community, any Somerset resident may request a sign.   Anyone interested in obtaining a number for their home can contact Sgt. Todd Costa @ 508-679-2138 or visit the Somerset Council on Aging.

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